There are two major differences between the way I price my services and the way other photographers do.

  1. I charge by the hour

This means you don't pay for time you don't need. Having a reception, but not getting married in a church? No problem, you don't have to pay for a full wedding package. Do you just love photographs so much you want me to photograph the rehearsal, & dinner, too? Totally fine, and you can figure out exactly how much it's going to cost you without having to ask me about unlisted additions to a wedding package that just isn't cutting it for you.

$100 / hourPhotography
I can use your photos on my website.
$150 / hourPhotography
You retain exclusive rights to all photos.
  1. I don't like logistics like photobooks, prints, etc.

I'm not going to upsell you leather-bound albums full of the photos I take, or send your photos off to Shutterfly for you. That sort of stuff is incredibly easy, potentially lucrative, but altogether boring.

PEphoto is a fantastic printer located in New York, I've used them for everything between 4"x6" and 20"x30". They are the best price on the web, and the quality is fantastic.

With any length of session, I will convey all original photographs I take into your possession at full resolution, unedited. This may be via flash drive, Dropbox, or this website. Whatever works for you.

If you wish, I do offer to edit your photos, to get them into shape, ready to be printed. This is challenging, often fun, and rewarding. Editing time is split between sorting through the thousands of photos from a wedding (or hundreds, for a portrait session), selecting the ones I like best, and editing them as I see fit. It's up to you whether you want me to pick out ten of the best, fifty, or three hundred. I'm flexible.

$75 / hourEditing
Selection, post-processing

The easiest way to schedule anything from a 30 minute portrait session to a full wedding is to email me:

If you prefer to call, you might catch me on my cell phone, or on Google voice.

Google Voice:512-522-2462

Enough talk! Let's see some photos!

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